GETS Property, a modern property agent with trusted, established and reputable
developers, has joined START-YARD, a collaborative space for SMEs to start their
businesses. The company’s owners: Gerallt, Emma, Taryn and Scott (GETS), were
motivated to branch off and become independent after working at a private investment
company in Chester.

GETS Property focuses on selling property in regeneration locations, such as the Wirral
Water project, with a commitment to sustainability and building communities. The company’s
unique selling point lies in incorporating environmental, social and governance principles into
every aspect of its business.

To reach its target market of mainly investors and residential buyers, GETS Property hope to
participate in charity events, network with potential clients, and sponsor community
initiatives. The business plans to expand its workforce to 20 people + and venture into
Europe over the next five years.

As an organisation, GETS Property is committed to giving back and contributing to the larger
community. They work with developers to create aspirational new neighbourhoods and
partner with organisations to develop infrastructure that is in culturally significant locations.
GETS Property plans to maintain its competitive advantage by doing things ethically whilst
being happy to earn less money. The company aims to create long-standing relationships to
deepen the bond between people and the places they live.

Contact them at to learn more.