An interview with one of our new members at Startyard, Wirral artist Juliet Stockton,

*Q1: Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got started as an artist?* **Juliet Stockton**:
As a child and teen I loved drawing portraits and had a place at art college, then instead, ended up studying business at university, following the corporate pathway and a 25-year career in Human Resources.   I had ignored my intrinsic, creative heart for far too long when I finally realised that something was missing.   So, a few years ago I started drawing again and taught myself to paint.   In 2021, I took a big, brave leap, left my job in HR, and jumped in with both feet to follow my passion and dream to become a full-time artist.  Now, immersed in a world of vibrant colour and faces, I’ve found my true purpose in life and have never been happier!

*Q2: What inspires your art, and how has living in Wirral influenced your work?* **Juliet Stockton**
I’m inspired by; pop culture, fashion history, memories, experiences and the rich, tropical colours of my childhood spent growing up in Papua New Guinea.  The strong sense of local artistic community and connections in and around the Wirral area have also definitely played a role in shaping my artwork.

*Q3: You recently moved into an artist studio in Startyard Birkenhead. What led to this decision, and how has it impacted your creative process?*
Moving to Startyard Birkenhead was a strategic decision. The vibrant creative atmosphere and the opportunity to collaborate with fellow creatives has been incredibly enriching. It has boosted my creativity and opened up new avenues for my art, to take my business to the next level and beyond.
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